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Breed My Dear Enemy Season 2
Status Ongoing
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Breed My Dear Enemy Season 2

Season II is coming!On the day she transmigrated, she killed the male lead?!A domineering young lady X a scheming crown princeTheir love story now begins!Transmigrating into the world of the book, she became a supporting female role who died distressingly. Ain't got no that for this game! The female lead decided to kill the male lead, destroy the world and get out of here! When she faced this scrawny little boy, she just couldn't do it What should she do? Raised up this boy as her helper? An excellent idea! But this boy didn't grow up as a righteous man as she expected! Could she restart again?Breed My Dear EnemyDng ch Vi HonGuiding a Rival to Become the EmperorHow to Raise an EnemyOur Binding Love: My Gentle TyrantRaising the Enemy Only Brings TroubleYang Di Wei Huan2
Released 10 months ago
Posted On 10 months ago
Updated On 6 months ago
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Chapter Breed My Dear Enemy Season 2


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