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Dear My Fake Fiancee
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Dear My Fake Fiancee

Alternative Name: , Xianding Zhuma Zhao Shangmen, Your Limited Childhood Friend Has Come to Your Door,I went all the way back to China to see him, but he doesn't remember me?Although it is a season-limited bamboo horse, you can't just forget it, right?In order to continue making dim sum, Cheng Ji, a "social phobia patient" in his thirties, and Lu Xiaotian, a "social terrorist" who is about to graduate from college, have to complete an unprecedented turnover within 30 days. , Xiaotian launched all-round encouragement and help, but Cheng Ji didn't understand what the purpose of Xiaotian was?
Released a year ago
Posted On a year ago
Updated On a year ago
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Chapter Dear My Fake Fiancee


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