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Hoeru Inu To Kubittake
Status Ongoing
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Hoeru Inu To Kubittake

This is a world where demi-humans and humans co-exist. Kou, a vampire and werewolf mix, developed a dislike for humans after a certain incident in his childhood. They looked delectable to him, so he thought that it'd be best if he kept his distance and stayed away from them as much as possible. "I've missed you!" But his world is flipped on its head when he reunites with the guy who triggered his instincts. He can't resist his instincts as his childhood friend, Itsuki, shows up in his life again, acting as if nothing’s changed. He knows that giving in will make him lose himself, but...! (cheerful x tsundere) A reunion BL between a human and demi-human childhood friends!
Released 3 months ago
Posted On 3 months ago
Updated On 13 days ago
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Chapter Hoeru Inu To Kubittake


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